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August 9, 2018
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School Sport Victoria

Victorian home educated students can access the inter-school and interstate programs with School Sport Victoria by providing a copy of their VRQA registration letter to SSV.  Families are responsible for the costs involved.

Home schooled students can access:

1. SSV Swimming, Cross Country, Golf and Track and Field (District level for primary-aged kids and Division level for secondary aged students

  • They then progress through the competition levels based on their performances
  • They will be assigned to a District closest to their residential address
  • Dates are on the SSV website and once known you will be given all the details of the events, who to contact etc!

2. the Team Vic program for gifted and talented students

  • Nomination for trials is via the SSV website
  • Trial fees are payable at the time of registration

Home schooled students cannot access the SSV Team Sports 

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  1. Kathy says:


    I see that there is an update 13/8/18 about home educated children not being able to access/participate in SSV sports teams – do you know when they changed this and why? Or has it always been like this (gov crackdown?)
    I know I was advised Home could access resources DET and this has stopped too.
    Now they only let DET children do SSV sport sadly

    • wphen says:

      It is only the team-entry section that home educated kids can’t access (e.g. you can’t enter a home ed team in SSV Football comp)
      As indicated above, home ed kids can enter the individual sports (track and field etc) and also nominate for Team Vic (e.g. a home ed student is on this year’s Team Vic Softball Team)

      There is limited access to DET resources (Fuse and Scootle etc – see the government tab on our resources page. The only thing to be withdrawn has been the printed DECV materials which we used to be able purchase. These were withdrawn as DECV moved to an online format. However the 2015 materials are available free to Vic home educators through us.

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