Week in a life: 13 year old unschooling

Nicole B


Used jack hammer, crow bars and cement saw to smash up concrete with dad and friends—part of our home renovation project.

Watched anime series in between.

Swam at the beach.

Watched Labyrinth film with the whole family.


Guitar practice

Prepared breakfast and lunch to take out for the day.

Went to the hairdresser and got pink highlights as a celebration for his 13th birthday this week.

Watched an anime series.

Discussed savings (reading Barefoot Investor together at present).

Went to a friend’s house and played video games together.

Gym session 1 hour—with mum and a PT—learning to safely lift weights.

Household chores—cleaned up kitchen.

Played a card game called 2 Servd.

Dinner with the family, during which we planned our bike riding trip to Nepal in October, outlining the itinerary.

Watched YouTube shorts.

Listened to an audiobook (loving Ranger’s Apprentice series right now).


Listened in on an agroforestry course mum is doing.

Planning for birthday meals tomorrow.

Guitar practice and lesson.

Discussing and timetabling public transport for his guitar lesson.

Working on this week’s calendar and schedule/ plans for the term.

Attended a local community dance event.

Driving and working on a remote control car.

Listened to an audiobook.

Wednesday (Birthday day!) 

Worked out plans for birthday money.

Fixed puncture on his bike with dad

Watched YouTube and Tik tok—climate change scenarios and remedial actions, comedy, American history, Mediterranean cooking.

Birthday ‘party’ which involved a Virtual Reality gaming session with 4 friends, playing basketball at home and eating pizza.

Went to the skate park with friends and some stayed for a sleep-over.


Guitar practice.

Shopping to buy things from his wishlist with birthday money (remote control car, new headset).

Watched soldering at the hobby shop and decided he would like to learn how to do that.

Bounce session.

Listened to an audiobook before bed.


Guitar practice.

Long conversation with mum about plans for the year (wants to learn basic car maintenance).

Spent most of the day with grandparents (Greek) to make ramps for his remote control car with Papou and cook dinner with Yia Yia.

A friend came for a sleepover.


Guitar practice.

Worked on making character sheets for a DnD campaign.

Bike ride.

Helped with food shopping and cooked family dinner unassisted (chicken parmigiana and salad).

Listened to an audiobook.

Otherways 176 May 2023