September 16, 2016

Regulation Review – What’s Next?

The timeframe for the review is: Oct: next HEN meeting with DET End Oct: drafting process complete Nov: Draft regulations and Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) to Minister Dec: Draft regulations and RIS signed off by Minister. Jan: Draft regulations and […]
September 7, 2016

The Morning Show

Carly Landa, Vice President of the Home Education Association, joined The Morning Show to discuss home education 7/9/2016 Note that at least 88% of HEN members are registered.
September 7, 2016

The Preschool Push

By Susan Wight Preschool attendance has always been optional in Australia but the issue of compulsory preschool continues to raise its ugly head with depressing regularity. Parents paying expensive daycare fees may be in favour of government funded preschool programs.  […]
August 30, 2016

Report on meeting between DET and HEN representatives Friday 26 August

Context: Home Education in Victoria is covered under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (the Act) and the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2007 (the Regulations). All regulations sunset (i.e. expire) after ten years. Department of Education and Training […]
August 24, 2016

Certificate III in Clothing and Textile Production

RMIT are offering this cert course – minimum age 16 years
August 19, 2016

Update on Regulations Consultation (Vic)

Context: The Victorian Education Regulations 2007 (which cover everything from the teaching service to adult education providers) expire in June 2017. Home education is covered under Part 6 of these regulations. The Education Department are currently reviewing the full regulations in preparation to write a […]
August 10, 2016

Quality Time – A Guilt Trap

By Dr John Peacock Anna Wintour, when she was editor of the British ‘Vogue” magazine, claimed to be able to spend quality time with her children at some un-godly hour in the morning and still be at the office before […]
August 10, 2016
Olympics flag

Olympics resources

By Jeanie Clark Are you into watching the Olympics? Looking for resources to use with children ? Try these: Here is a basic resource from the GTAV that has history and geography activities ready to go This one has more […]
August 3, 2016

Age Segregation is Unnatural

By Sue Wight In today’s society, age segregation is an accepted way of life. Children are separated off from adults daily into crèches, kindergartens and schools which in turn further segregate them by birth year. Elderly people are frequently consigned […]
August 3, 2016
art venture

Art Venture Subscription

We have the opportunity to get a discount for Artventure subscriptions. Normal yearly price is $79, we can get a yearly price of $39.50 for the whole family. And the discount will be ongoing each time you renew. Have a […]